The NZ Farm Girl story

Established in 2015, NZ Farm Girl was inspired by the need to source practical, hard-wearing farm clothing for our girls to wear outside on our farm. We're passionate about creating an iconic NZ brand that reflects our New Zealand farming heritage and lifestyle.

NZ Farm Girl clothing echoes the classic traditional styles of yesteryear but with a modern twist - stylish and girly but not frilly or prissy - clothing that will hold it's own on the farm and in town.

Our girls' and women's clothing range consists of quality T-shirts, singlets, lovely warm hoodies, funky camo cargo pants and our very stylish gingham town shirts. 

Our accessories range consists of branded drink bottles, mugs, note books, cosy beanies, trendy caps and our very own Gumboot Socks made for NZ Farm Girl by Norsewear.

At NZ Farm Girl, we believe our farm clothing needs to pass the ultimate test of comfort and functionality! We look forward to introducing new items to you soon. 

We hope you enjoy the NZ Farm Girl range and welcome your input into our future creations.

NZ Farm Girl Cindy Marriott on the farm
NZ Farm Girl farm clothing is tested on the farm

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